an_archive of dreams

(a cura di Emilio Fantin)

This series of oneiric journeys on Firefly Frequencies are rooted in my long-term practice and involve a number of guests.
I have devoted a large part of my artistic career to understanding the communal aspect of dreams, how we can learn to develop our dreaming lives collectively and how we can engage in each other’s dreams. Trying to create the conditions for dialectic interaction between different types of knowledges, I've generated different situations where I invited people to share, in the "non-geographical zone" of sleep and dreams, a space in which intense dynamics of exchange can arise, with the aim of investigating “the social aspect of dreams” - those special, hidden ties that are activated in the life of a community.
My research is also focusing on the pedagogical aspect of dreams, the Art of Conversation and the Invisible Community, where poetic and evocative aspects of our social existence can become everyday practice. 
Emilio Fantin