biophonic assemblages

Biophonic Assemblages invites people to share their "natural" landscapes, wherever they are. Recordings of urban noises, forest sounds, wind, water, earth movements, animal cries, volcanoes, rain, leaves, sound-walks through different habitats and territories that can be broadcast through radio as animistic felt presences.
Partly inspired by the ideas and practices of field recordist and bio-acoustician Bernie Krause and of sound recordist and musician Chris Watson, as well as the research of Vinciane Despret, Donna Haraway, Thom van Dooren among others, one can consider (and forge) multiple linkages, relations and alliances between the sounds of different "species" beginning from the acts of recording. It is often said that a recorder is a tool for learning to listen without a recorder, for developing an attentiveness to hybrid communities of "voices" and their intermodulation.
Biophonic Assemblages is also an invitation to think of recording, editing and mixing as part of an inter-species event that take place between the non-organic and the organic, the machinic and the natural, the animal and the cyborg, weaving together multi-dimensional sonic fabrics.